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I hope and pray congresspersons regularly browse Riverby Books. It shouldn’t be hard. The store is four blocks east of the Capitol. And it’s open everyday, 10-6. Unfortunately I doubt it, knowing how inept our all-important Congress tends to be. The collection – no surprise – includes many political titles. But the store houses all […]

Not at this house on 41st St. in Northwest, DC. Almost Maryland. I counted 14 inflatable Christmas decorations. My guess is that they’ve been adding one additional piece every year. Not much more yard to work with. Gonna have to go exurban – if they want to keep expanding. I do wonder how much it […]

I go to public libraries for free internet. Good people watching is a splendid side benefit. But I don’t like what has happened to many of America’s inner city libraries. They are veritable military zones! Two days ago I tried to go to Washington’s central library, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, located downtown. But […]