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     Karl Rove Arrested: Congress Grows Balls and Does Something? Photo from flickr user Knuckledragger. Yesterday Karl Rove was politicking in Dallas, future home of George W. Bush and a rare remaining political stronghold, at the home of real-estate mogul Harlan Crowe. The subject of the gathering was not publicly reported.  A local group was organizing a protest of Mr. […]

The Dallas Theater Center: Not Frank Lloyd Wright’s finest work. Gabby agrees, I think. I prefer Wright’s other Dallas building, the Gillin House, which was featured in Wes Anderson’s first movie, Bottle Rocket. Or pretty much any Wright house, including the Boynton House, which I used to live by, in Rochester, NY.



This little bugger was tough to find. Friday evening in downtown Philly is neither cheesesteak time nor country. Tasty!

I don’t care for the name Center City. “Downtown” seems like such a nice, universal term. Why change? New Yorkers do claim that theirs is the only true downtown, as it is at the southern end of the island. Playing second – or third, or fourth – fiddle on the East Coast would make me […]

The Roots


Can’t see trains (in this case, a trolley) in Philly – and be in the city in general – without thinking of The Roots. This song in particular.   

In the past year+ I’ve passed the Brooklyn Museum tens of times. But I’ve never been in. And I like museums. Even art museums. Seeing it again, after a four-month absence, I think I’m intimidated — by its looks. The thing just looks weird as hell. Two very different styles: Beaux Arts and whatever that […]

The newlyweds, Tony and Ashley, let me crash on their floor for a week. They had to step over my sleeping body everyday before leaving for work. Not once was I kicked. This past Sunday we rode bikes to the beach. From their apartment in Prospect-Lefferts Garden to Brighton Beach/Coney Island. A seven-mile ride. Or […]