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An ugly, fairly new school building at Penn’s old Wharton School, the first business school.  Happily creating and polishing executives for the benefit of the world since 1881.   Advertisements



This little bugger was tough to find. Friday evening in downtown Philly is neither cheesesteak time nor country. Tasty!

I don’t care for the name Center City. “Downtown” seems like such a nice, universal term. Why change? New Yorkers do claim that theirs is the only true downtown, as it is at the southern end of the island. Playing second – or third, or fourth – fiddle on the East Coast would make me […]

The Roots


Can’t see trains (in this case, a trolley) in Philly – and be in the city in general – without thinking of The Roots. This song in particular.   

A sign on a building along the Delaware River in Philadelphia puts it so simply: Dredge the river and get jobs! (And: Notice!: That’s the top of the USS United States in the background.) News stories – published in the last 24 hours – show a discontented public. One has Salem County, New Jersey, officials […]

A South Philly institution, Geno’s claims to have been the first to put cheese on a steak sandwich. Of course, Pat’s, right across the street, actually invented the sandwich. Or so they claim. Not only is the neon signage annoying as hell, Geno’s is the place that makes the big fuss about speaking English. (IE: […]

They’ve got a nice collection of off-beat books. Many that the chains don’t carry, or even many independents. Particular focus is given to political books, of the lefty variety. Plenty of good fiction. A solid children’s section as well. Graphic books are also well represented. Only one problem: It’s not so big. Nevertheless, a nice […]