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Not at this house on 41st St. in Northwest, DC. Almost Maryland. I counted 14 inflatable Christmas decorations. My guess is that they’ve been adding one additional piece every year. Not much more yard to work with. Gonna have to go exurban – if they want to keep expanding. I do wonder how much it […]

Henrietta, NY — American shoppers – in just one single day – scored a major victory for the global economy. In what will likely be known as the “Battle of Black Friday,” an overwhelming majority of average Americans showed up for duty, happily forking over their credit cards. There was a sense of urgency in […]

     Karl Rove Arrested: Congress Grows Balls and Does Something? Photo from flickr user Knuckledragger. Yesterday Karl Rove was politicking in Dallas, future home of George W. Bush and a rare remaining political stronghold, at the home of real-estate mogul Harlan Crowe. The subject of the gathering was not publicly reported.  A local group was organizing a protest of Mr. […]

The Dallas Theater Center: Not Frank Lloyd Wright’s finest work. Gabby agrees, I think. I prefer Wright’s other Dallas building, the Gillin House, which was featured in Wes Anderson’s first movie, Bottle Rocket. Or pretty much any Wright house, including the Boynton House, which I used to live by, in Rochester, NY.

An ugly, fairly new school building at Penn’s old Wharton School, the first business school.  Happily creating and polishing executives for the benefit of the world since 1881.  

I don’t care for the name Center City. “Downtown” seems like such a nice, universal term. Why change? New Yorkers do claim that theirs is the only true downtown, as it is at the southern end of the island. Playing second – or third, or fourth – fiddle on the East Coast would make me […]

  The Times today has a somewhat interesting story on BHO’s University of Chicago teaching stint. I have no problem with the overall content of the story. More or less, it resembles even handedness. Barack was a good teacher. Students liked him. But, he wasn’t interested in the academic elements of the university: he didn’t […]