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Dallas, TX – 9/14/2021 – Over the past 18 years, a once-obscure Guatemalan enterprise has risen to the status of America’s top chain restaurant. Under the quiet stewardship of the Guatemalan government, Pollo Campero has continued to outperform its American peers, even the recently merged McDonaKing. Long a cherished part of Americana, American fast food […]

If you want real BBQ you got to go to Central Texas. Folks up North don’t get that. “You’re from Texas. Good barbecue down there.” Well, yes. And, no. Dallas is decidedly not a BBQ town. (A very funny thing with an NYC chain called “Dallas BBQ.”) But, then again, they say it’s the least […]

Just makes me want to do some bargain shopping! I will, however, give it credit for the freezer lights, which go on by motion censors. Something I haven’t seen before at a grocery store. And, by the way, Dallas was the first big city market conquered by WalMart grocery stores, taking the local market share […]



This little bugger was tough to find. Friday evening in downtown Philly is neither cheesesteak time nor country. Tasty!