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I go to public libraries for free internet. Good people watching is a splendid side benefit. But I don’t like what has happened to many of America’s inner city libraries. They are veritable military zones! Two days ago I tried to go to Washington’s central library, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, located downtown. But […]

Just your average Civil War statue in front of your standard state capitol. Boring. But, upon closer inspection, the plaque immediately below the statue lists the “Battle of Sand Creek,” in its tribute of Colorado’s Civil War effort. (By the way they fought for the North. I had doubts.) Just one problem: that “battle” is […]

Hunt Oil has a new home in Dallas. I like the building a lot. It lights up at night. A friend in the construction biz pointed out that the curved glass is quite expensive, helping to push the price tag to $120 million. The city of Dallas kicked in a tax abatement of more than […]



This little bugger was tough to find. Friday evening in downtown Philly is neither cheesesteak time nor country. Tasty!

In the past year+ I’ve passed the Brooklyn Museum tens of times. But I’ve never been in. And I like museums. Even art museums. Seeing it again, after a four-month absence, I think I’m intimidated — by its looks. The thing just looks weird as hell. Two very different styles: Beaux Arts and whatever that […]