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Henrietta, NY — American shoppers – in just one single day – scored a major victory for the global economy. In what will likely be known as the “Battle of Black Friday,” an overwhelming majority of average Americans showed up for duty, happily forking over their credit cards. There was a sense of urgency in […]

Probably the most ridiculous comment during the recent presidential campaign came courtesy of John Sydney McCain III’s brother, Joe McCain: “‘I’ve lived here for at least 10 years and before that about every third duty I was in either Arlington or Alexandria, up in communist country.’” It’s true. Alexandria and Arlington, the one-time home of […]

I go to public libraries for free internet. Good people watching is a splendid side benefit. But I don’t like what has happened to many of America’s inner city libraries. They are veritable military zones! Two days ago I tried to go to Washington’s central library, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, located downtown. But […]