Cool, New Dallas Building

The new Hunt Oil Tower in Downtown Dallas.

The new Hunt Oil Tower in Downtown Dallas.

Hunt Oil has a new home in Dallas. I like the building a lot. It lights up at night. A friend in the construction biz pointed out that the curved glass is quite expensive, helping to push the price tag to $120 million.

The city of Dallas kicked in a tax abatement of more than $6 million, making the building another fine example of corporate welfare. Something Dallas does very well.

The Hunts – offspring of oil tycoon H.L. Hunt – are Dallas’s richest family.

And, notice the “H” that the front of the building makes. Well done.


14 Responses to “Cool, New Dallas Building”

  1. 1 M Yuesei

    Was this designed in the ’80s?

    It looks out of date for some reason.

  2. 2 gunmex

    No. It’s new. At night, when it’s lit up, is the best. Especially when you’re driving on Woodall Rogers and it towers above.

  3. 3 M Yuesei

    At night, it looks like it belongs in suburban las vegas.

    Everone I know states they don’t understand why it has to be so freakin’ bright…and it looks dumb.

    Welcome to Dallas, I guess.

  4. 4 Brian M

    What an ugly building.

    It’s just as ugly as that large stacked-block of squares down the road that just got built.

    What is happening to our city?!

  5. 5 gunmex

    To be frank, and honest, Dallas is a pretty fucked up place.
    Its values – dogmatically pro-business, anti-intellectual – represent some of the worst of America.
    So, my thinking is: Take what you can get. If a handful of rich people in the city – the Crowes, Ray Nasher, the Hunts – decide to do something decent, that’s about as good as it gets.
    I grade the city on a curve.

  6. 6 Brian M

    And what’s up with the giant “H” at the front? Is our city really this arrogant?

    Has anyone noticed the “C” at the side? One word comes to mind starting with “C”…unfortunately it rhymes with “Hunt”.

    I hate this city.

  7. 7 M Yuesi

    Hahha – That’s funny – I didn’t notice the “C” in that way.

    What is suppose to be cool about this anyways? The fact that they wasted 120 million dollars on this awful thing?

    Whoever built this thing should be shot.

  8. 8 Brian M

    Yeah…who built this anyways?

    They’re probably really proud of this piece-a-shit.

  9. 9 M Yuesei

    Rick Delmonte with Austin – they’re big time builders and supposedly do their own drafting. That probably explains all that austin rock motif at the bottom.

    Everytime I pass this – and the square blocks building – it pisses me off.

  10. 10 Brian M

    Lyle Morrison with Beck did the other piece a shit down the street.

    Dallas is pretty fucked up…thanks to these guys.

    And Fort Worth rocks.

  11. 11 Brian M

    Kyle Morrison with Beck did the other piece-a-shit down the street.

    Dallas is fucked up, thanks to these guys.

  12. 12 Aaron M

    I actually worked construction on this building and I think it’s pretty freakin cool.

  13. 13 pb

    Another lame symbol of greed and excess prior to the collapse of our economy.

    Thank you for “helping push the price up”.

    Life’s a bitch.

  14. 14 pb

    “…helping push the pricetag to 120 million?” WTF were you guys thinking? Arrogant symbol of greed prior to the demise of our economy. Looks “loud” in it’s own cheesy way.

    Hopefully things will turn around soon.

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