BBQ Heavan on Earth! In Texas – Central Texas – of course!


If you want real BBQ you got to go to Central Texas. Folks up North don’t get that. “You’re from Texas. Good barbecue down there.”

Well, yes. And, no. Dallas is decidedly not a BBQ town. (A very funny thing with an NYC chain called “Dallas BBQ.”) But, then again, they say it’s the least Texan of the big cities in the state. Head just a bit west, to Fort Worth, and things get better. Texan-wise and BBQ-wise.

Pork ribs, beef brisket, tatter salad, and mac 'n cheese. Nice combo.

Pork ribs, beef brisket, tatter salad, and mac 'n cheese. Delicious.

Head south and now you’re on to something. Get south of Austin, about 30 miles, and you’re in the self-proclaimed “Capital of Texas BBQ.”

The signs on the road to Lockhart tell you that. The town’s website gives it straight. BBQ is serious business in town; the most important business, with four fine establishments. They do not fuck around.

My sister and I went for the jugular: Black’s Barbecue. The qualification of their greatness is a little confusing. A very un-Texan thing to do. “Texas Oldest and Best Major BBQ Restaurant Continuously Owned by the Same Family.”

Too round about. Be straight and be boastful. “Texas’s Best BBQ.” (This gets the apostrophe right too.)

Nevertheless, the food was heavenly. Look at the picture. Need I say more?


2 Responses to “BBQ Heavan on Earth! In Texas – Central Texas – of course!”

  1. 1 Jeanette

    I don’t get out of saint paul much – do they serve the meal on a foam plate in a resturant?

  2. 2 Gunnar

    Yes. The food is their sole concern. The preparation of, especially. All other concerns are secondary. No, tertiary. The floor was dirt, the roof had holes. (No, really, I suppose they are just lazy. Not so environmentally minded. A little sad.)

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