Rove Visits Bush’s Base; Jail Next


Karl Rove Arrested: Congress Grows Balls and Does Something? Photo from flickr user Knuckledragger.

Yesterday Karl Rove was politicking in Dallas, future home of George W. Bush and a rare remaining political stronghold, at the home of real-estate mogul Harlan Crowe. The subject of the gathering was not publicly reported

A local group was organizing a protest of Mr. Rove and his actions during his years as President Bush’s most important political strategist. At deadline, the number of protesters was still unavailable. Organizer Tim Duxel, who works at a local Whole Foods, was expecting a turnout of five and half.

“My friend Nancy usually brings her five-year-old son Connor to evening events. We enjoy his presence. He lightens the mood,” Duxel said.

As for Mr. Rove, Mr. Duxel was less kind. “You know, what he did, that was treasonous. I mean, shoot, Siegelman is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Siegelman is former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman who was recently released from prison while he appeals a bribery conviction, a questionable conviction with ties back to Mr. Rove.

As for Mr. Rove’s mounting legal issues, Congress has yet to act beyond its recent vote by the House Judiciary Committee to hold him in contempt. 

Mr. Siegelman makes plain the grave nature of Mr. Rove’s political activities. “I think this will make Watergate look like child’s play when it is fully investigated.”

Lucky for Mr. Siegelman, he was just granted an opportunity to make his case better known to the public. He will speak at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Denver.


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