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If you want real BBQ you got to go to Central Texas. Folks up North don’t get that. “You’re from Texas. Good barbecue down there.” Well, yes. And, no. Dallas is decidedly not a BBQ town. (A very funny thing with an NYC chain called “Dallas BBQ.”) But, then again, they say it’s the least […]

The smartest thing George W. Bush ever did was accept an offer to help coordinate a group of investors’ purchase of the Texas Rangers. (The Washington Post, in a 1999 article, recounts this nicely.) A business patron, William O. DeWitt Jr. – a man who had already bought Bush’s struggling oil company and paid nicely […]

Usain Bolt poses after establishing the 200M World Record, originally uploaded by iceman9294. Usain Bolt’s should be track’s version of Babe Ruth.  The new “fastest man in the world” crushed the world record in the 100-meter dash on Saturday, and yesterday he beat Michael Johnson’s 12-year-old record in the 200-meter dash, by .02 of a […]

Former White House lawyer and failed Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers is now a lobbyist for Pakistan. Miers, a former graduate of Hillcrest High and SMU Law School, was involved in the US attorney firing scandal. In February of this year, Congress voted to hold her and Bush’s Chief of Staff Josh Bolten in contempt […]

Just makes me want to do some bargain shopping! I will, however, give it credit for the freezer lights, which go on by motion censors. Something I haven’t seen before at a grocery store. And, by the way, Dallas was the first big city market conquered by WalMart grocery stores, taking the local market share […]

     Karl Rove Arrested: Congress Grows Balls and Does Something? Photo from flickr user Knuckledragger. Yesterday Karl Rove was politicking in Dallas, future home of George W. Bush and a rare remaining political stronghold, at the home of real-estate mogul Harlan Crowe. The subject of the gathering was not publicly reported.  A local group was organizing a protest of Mr. […]

The Dallas Theater Center: Not Frank Lloyd Wright’s finest work. Gabby agrees, I think. I prefer Wright’s other Dallas building, the Gillin House, which was featured in Wes Anderson’s first movie, Bottle Rocket. Or pretty much any Wright house, including the Boynton House, which I used to live by, in Rochester, NY.