Brooklyn Sunday: Biking to the Beach


The newlyweds, Tony and Ashley, let me crash on their floor for a week. They had to step over my sleeping body everyday before leaving for work. Not once was I kicked.

This past Sunday we rode bikes to the beach. From their apartment in Prospect-Lefferts Garden to Brighton Beach/Coney Island. A seven-mile ride. Or so. All told, it took us an hour and a half to get out the door and to the sand, which included a stop for tasty Russian specialties (Above).

Not only was it hot, it was windy. And, there were jellyfish in the water. Apparently jellyfish were problematic during the swimming portion of Sunday’s New York City Triathlon, where a man died.

We survived. But the Midway seems fated for the chopping block. Hotels and updated entertainment facilities, including an indoor water park (at the beach?), will eventually displace today’s working-class fair.

But, thankfully, no matter what, the Cyclone stays. According to the AP story (linked to above), it’s slated to get a companion coaster!


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