Brooklyn Intimidation


In the past year+ I’ve passed the Brooklyn Museum tens of times. But I’ve never been in. And I like museums. Even art museums.

Seeing it again, after a four-month absence, I think I’m intimidated — by its looks. The thing just looks weird as hell. Two very different styles: Beaux Arts and whatever that thing on the bottom is.

This review claims the 2004 face lift “will help capture a generation of patrons who have largely ignored [The Brooklyn Museum and Lincoln Centre], having found them elitist and, worse, forbidding.”

Not me.


2 Responses to “Brooklyn Intimidation”

  1. 1 crapwelike

    You missed the Murakami exhibit! His stuff really kicks the intimidation level down a notch.. see!

  2. You should have the facade before! Holy crap it looked like high school students painted an “Ancient Egypt” mural on the circle drive up front to the entrance.

    The Lincoln Center still blows.

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